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Hey so I'm actually using this pack for making D&D maps for my online games (Hope that's alright, personal use I guess). But anywho I love them a whole lot, I've had this pack for at least a year now I think. Just wondering - any updates on this pack or similar packs in the works? I can't wait for more!

Yep, that's fine, it sounds like a fun way to use it!  I do have some things in the works, but my health had a series of emergency problems for a few years and I wasn't able to work on anything.  Long story short, I think I'm on the mend now, but I can't promise anything.  I also can't just release what I have because it's not currently in a usable state.  I've got things like water tiles with no corners or ship parts without a prow, a mockup that hasn't been converted into tiles, and so on.  If you follow me here, I'll post them for sale as soon as I finish them.

I'm glad you're getting better!! Sorry things haven't been great, but please take your time with things. I really appreciate all of the work you've done! Thank you!

Thanks!  I'm really glad too, for obvious reasons.  I hope I can get new packs out soon and that they're worth the wait.

Wow this is beautiful your very talented pixel artist!


Hehe, thank you!

Hello. From pictures from your pack posted elsewhere, it seems some of the roof tiles is missing in this pack? The grey roof got all its tiles, but the roofs from this pictures only have 1 flat room tile? 

I'm not quite sure what you're asking for.  There's a larger variety for the thatched roof paired with the half timber walls, but I didn't want to put all that together for every single possible mix and match option, so the other roof options are very basic in comparison.  If you're looking for the gables from this image it's in the extras folder.   But please keep in mind that this particular image was put together to illustrate what could be made when the artwork is not used as tiles, so mild editing is required to recreate it.

Oh, the extras folder might be missing if you bought the pack elsewhere.  I've tried multiple times to get it updated, but have been getting lots of silence from the people who can actually do anything about it.  I have no control over it.

Hi Sharm

I'm very interested in this package, Could you tell me how many sprite sheets you have for this and also does it come with any Characters?  

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There are no character sprites in this pack, but I can point you to a lot of good places to find sprites that fit.  I have made a sprite base specifically for this set that I made available for free with credit over at the official RPG Maker forums.  I'm not happy with it, and I plan to make a revised version of it for sale with more poses and clothing options at some point.  I can't say when that would be.  There are 13 sheets of sprites with different number of objects/animations on each.  The number of objects available depends a lot on how you count them, minimum of 40.  Some of them may need to be rearranged on the sheet depending on how you want to use them.  Does that answer your questions?

It does indeed, Thank you very much. Will give you a follow and keep up with your work. Thanks very much! 

I have a question entirely unrelated to this tileset, but I don't see a way in to contact you about a general question. According to this page , you are the artist who made the Retro Halloween Tiles. I would love to buy that tileset from you, but I don't want to use it for rpgmaker. So my question is, If I buy the tileset from that page, does it come with the tiles in an open image format, like png. Alternatively, do you know if there is an easy way to extract the images and convert them to another image format, without using rpgmaker. If not, I would love it if you could release them here in a non-rpgmaker specific format, or if I could just purchase them directly from you. Whatever is easiest for you. Those tiles are amazing. Thanks.

Huh, that shouldn't be that hard to get a hold of me, I'll look into it.  I am that artist, yes.  If you buy any tileset from the official RPG Maker site you will only get a license to use it in RPG Maker.  The format of the art doesn't matter, it's the license that you need.  I do intend to sell the tiles here eventually but I'm doing a kind of update/remake thing to it that isn't done yet.  I can sell you the tiles as is or you could wait for the updated set to come out and get both.

Oh. I hadn't even thought about how the RPG Maker tiles were licensed. I don't have tons of time for working on my project right now, so I'll wait to buy the tileset. Looking forward to seeing the updated set.  

What is the license for this?

Pretty much use in your games, edit all you want, don't share the edits or my art with others.

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Been a fan of yours for awhile, silently though. I love the lpc stuff you've done on opengameart, and I have used it a few times to make and print out dnd maps (I'm an immense geek... i use pixel art for all of the maps my buddies and I use.... We have pixelated tokens too...) I've got a little index card with links to your assets so I can be like "bros i didnt make this, i just put it together in tiled." when they alll lose their minds over stuff I use of yours.

This is simply beautiful. :)  Wish I wasn't broke, because all the enjoyment you have given to my gaming table deserves a tip. 

That's seriously awesome.  Thanks so much.  I'll accept the praise tip instead.

Hi, I've purchased and used this tileset in RPGmaker and have loved it. I have now moved on to developing in Unity and want to continue using this tileset. Can I purchase a licence to use it in unity? Thanks! 

If you purchased it from here then you have licence to use it in Unity.

Cool thanks!

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It shouldn't be missing anything, but this is the second comment I've gotten about that in a short period of time. I'll redo the zip file and upload it again just in case, but it may not be right away. I have a few files I've been meaning to add in but can't without talking to someone about it first. I have a hotmail email, drakecastle, you can contact me there.

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Sorry, I don't use Gmail for business. Is there a problem with Hotmail? I can get on another service temporarily so we can talk if you need me to.

BTW, if this is about a possible commission or offer to join a project, the answer will be no. I don't do commissions anymore.

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I haven't quit, but I haven't been able to work on things as much as I like so progress is frustratingly slow. As soon as I have more I'll be releasing it.

Hello, I find your really magnificent resources! :D

Thus a few days ago I bought the pack, and there the disappointment ...
Strangely I have no all that we see on screens, set of incomplete tiles... Is it normal?: (

How could I show you my pack to verify the contents?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

There has been some confusion before about one of the screenshots, which doesn't use the artwork as tiles. Specifically people usually are wondering where the gabled windows are. Those were not included as tiles, but with some minor editing you can get the same look. The parts to put those together should be in the same folder as the angled walls, if not please let me know and I'll re-upload the zip.

Dear lord, this pack is amazing. Great work! A note to shoppers, there's quite a bit more in the bundle than what's shown in the screenshots. Take care


Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoy it.

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I really like your artwork. Do you have a website or anything that shows more of your work? I may be looking for someone to partner with on a game. Not sure if that would interest you or not? You can find some of my work here or on my website, .

Ah, I keep meaning to make a webpage, but I've never managed to finish one and put it online. Following me on here is probably the best way for now.

Sorry, i don't do commissions anymore. Good luck with your game.


I was going to offer a percentage (40%) of sales. As long as the game keeps selling, you keep making money. Either way, if not interested, best of luck. ;)


I never go for those types of offers. Don't know of any professional artist who does, actually. It's nothing personal, it's just that most games are abandoned before publishing, and of the ones that get made the majority sell very poorly. It's a bad investment, and art is difficult enough to make a living off of without that kind of risk. You may be able to find an inexperienced artist who's willing to do that sort of split. You'll need to make a really great pitch for the game though, something that makes an artist want to claim the project as their own. Since the money offered is the equivalent of a lottery ticket you need to offer something else to get people to spend their time and effort on you.


I understand what you are saying. I'm actually a capable 2D and 3D artist. Plus animation too. Just wanted someone to work with so I could focus on code and the music. I've been around a long time and have completed many projects. Anyways... Maybe I'll just do this myself. Thanks for the response. ;)

Yeah, I can tell from your links that you know your stuff. I think finding an art partner could be a good idea. Maybe you could try recruiting in a game creation forum instead, you'll be a lot more likely to find what you need.

Already bought it with VX, loved your tileset, and I want moarrrr!

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Thank you! I've got another set in the works, though the next set I release will be something different.